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Hello, is it me you’re looking for?


It’s an everyday communication tool…

Its great for having things in writing…

But do you know who you are really communicating with…

We have had a client tell us that they had nearly fallen victim to an email hack.

Luckily a query arose and they found out before it was too late the email was a scam.

The bookkeeper received an email from one of the directors of the company requesting for a substantial amount of money to be transferred to a bank account in respect of a purchase.

The bookkeeper replied with a question and straight away received back a reply from the director to confirm.

The bookkeeper had a further query, which related to the daily bank limit for transfers, and instead of playing email ping-pong she called the director.

The director had no idea what the bookkeeper was talking about and it turned out that they had been hacked.

So the thing to remember when it comes to something as import as money transfers – always seek out verbal confirmation to ensure that it has been them you have been communicating with.

Sam ‘Protecting Your Money’ Nicholls

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