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So this year I am really hoping that I can get my act together and have a new(ish) car.

My old girl is getting on a bit and as much as I love her she is rapidly heading towards 100,000 miles on the clock

You can’t beat car shopping – I love it! I get so excited test driving and generally looking all over the internet for just the right make, model and most importantly the right colour!

So I wonder how many of you will be in a similar situation this year… car shopping?

If you are looking for a new car this year you may not be aware of the changes that are coming in from April 2017.

Cars with zero emissions will not pay the standard rate of vehicle tax. HOWEVER… if a car’s list price is over £40,000 at first registration you will pay an additional rate for five years after the end of the first licence.

This additional rate is £310 a year!!! PLUS the standard which will be £140 for 5 years. So thats £450 a year

If you buy a large emission vehicle with Co2 over 255g/km costing over £40,000 and its registered after 1st April the FIRST YEARS tax will cost a whooping £2,000!!! Dropping to £450 for the next five years!

Our tip therefore would be – if you are looking to buy a car over the value of £40,000 this year ensure that it is registered before the 1st April to delay these hefty costs.

Sam Nicholls

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